Since the beginning Dr. Moon (Kim Chun) has been contributing and supporting the Tapoban Samiti. With his great dedication and effort, he has been contributing not just financially but by being on the site of the construction and guiding whole committee with his great experience and compassion. As members of the committee, we would like to extend our gratitude for the contribution he has made. The Terthup Dharma Hall is to be his most ambitious Project to fulfill Most venurable Dharma Sangha’s wishes. A few steps have been taken but there is still a long way to go and it cannot be done without the cooperation of those who are willing or able to help. Even a minor contribution from you would help to complete this project. There are many ways in which you could contribute, if not financially, then as a volunteer worker on the site or by providing raw materials. You can also tell others who may be interested in contributing. We appreciate any and all help we can get from the bottom of our heart!


Diagram of Dharma hall

Construction of the Terthup Dharma Hall has been officially started  on the 28th of April (full moon) following a small puja (blessing ceremony) and the commencement of digging the Foundation layer by the Members of the Tapoban Samiti and a few guests. There was only a hand full of people present at the construction site. Guru Som Badahur Lama, the former teacher of Most venurable Dharma Sangha was there to conduct the ceremony.


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