Dharma teachers decided the following

On November 29th Dharma teachers held a meeting and decided the following:

  • That from this day the Sangha of Dharma Teachers will be called Bodhi Shrawan Kalyan Mitra Dharma Sangha.
  • To inform the interested Dharma gurus of all religions, sangrias and, Mahanipa about the upcoming event to train one thousand Dharma teachers in the NEW WORLD GREAT PEACE PRAYERS (Maha Pranidhan in Nepali and Jhyamlisng Sidey Molam Chemmo in Himalayan Language) in order to mobilize the Bodhi Sarawan Kalayan Mitra Gurus to all parts of the country. and to listen the teachings of  Ven. Dharma Sangha on the 7th of Falgun Feb 19th 2011.
  • To mobilize the Dharma gurus to collect the names of those interested to joining the Bodhi Shrawan Kalyan Mitra Dharma Sangha so that they may gather at the second meditation site in Halkoriya to take the Bodhisattva oath.
  • That Bodhi Srawan Dharma gurus will travel throughout all the districts and villages to promote Bodhi Shrawan Dharma from 12th of Mangsir to 7th of fagun and hold a mass meeting at all the districts every fifteen days to preach, and promote the BodhiSrawan Dharma, and inform people about the three days training of the New World Great Peace Prayers and the great sarshan of Ven. Dharma Sangha for 15 days beginning jestha 6th Friday.
  • To create Bodhi Shrawan District sanghalaya (vihar) and organize a spiritual program, raising donations and collecting grains, vegetables, rice etc in order to manage the sangha and sanghalaya according to the great tradition.
  • That lama gurus must wear the religious costume Sehen, Sentap , yellow Dollan. prayers beads and promote the Bodhi Srawan Dharma Sangha and should wear the same custom till the end.
  • To select those in charge of each district and village and bring the devotees for oath at the second meditation site Halkoriya every Tuesday first and third week of the month.
  • That each Dharma guru of Bodhi Shrawan Kalyan Mitra Dharma Sangha shall take turns serving as a guard of the second meditation site and help to keep the meditation site clean.
  • To promote the upcoming event of the New World Great Peace Prayers training program by radio, news and all media.

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0 #3 ale waiba 2011-05-21 07:37
I want to request for all.......... we are the baudhist, we already pray for the peace and always praying for the peace............don't dominent other religions if u really love your religion.
+1 #2 Siddharth 2011-04-25 23:08
Most lovable and source of eternal knowledge and peace Dharma Sangh is blessed with my heart even when I know I am very small against his eternal knowledge and energy. I know he is here to lift us all fallen down souls and to enlighten us with truth and peace.
+3 #1 Cath-Victoria Weber 2011-01-23 09:52
Dear Friends,
as a buddhaboy googlegroup member, knowing that Khenpo Sonam has invited us, I have made up my mind to come from France for the Ganachakra New World Peace Prayers.
I am working on inviting a wonderful christian pastor dedicated to world peace and religious unity. I urgently need as precise infos as possible about coming to Halkoriya, contact people over there, best nearest airport. etc, registration rules. Thank you from all my heart. Catherine-Victoria

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