Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha has decided to postpone the official Tuesday and Saturday blessing program at Halkhoriya till March 21, 2012 (8 Chaitra 2068 in Nepali calendar) due to the busy schedule in preparation for the World Peace Maitreya Puja (Prayers).

From December 31, 2011 (15 Poush 2068 in Nepali calendar) all blessing programs are cancelled.




+3 #4 vesna 2012-01-22 13:57

im trying to find info abt Paldin Dorjes state of presence in may this year. i want to come and see him?? where is he??
+2 #3 vesna 2012-01-22 13:56

pls can you give some infos abt Palden Dorje??? i wud like to see him in may?? will he be there in Nepal? does he travel anywhere is he in awaken state or is he in meditation at that time? i cant find infos abt him!
+1 #2 Surya lama 2012-01-15 17:24
I would like to gave thanks DHARMA sangha group going to worship maitreya puja.I'am very glad to see this sms even i'am abroad.We have to do forward our programme with great active in this precious life time.during this time all people are more trust on dharma sangha,therefor e we should go rapedly to spread to prevent the violence,vice.almostly people will help to Dharma sangha. thankyou...surya bdr.Gole
from kuwait
+1 #1 surya lama 2012-01-07 05:41
Hi I'am surya bahadur gole.i would like to donate some property from kuwait for project terthup dharma hal.But i could not found exact dharma sangha account number anyway i'am trying to cal in your office kamal pokhari ktm.MY one willings is that when i finished donate my name should be mentioned or in the news then i hope people will know that how much i trust on dharma sangha even i'am so far abroad kuwait.But i would like mention here dharmasangha has done taachhe me so i'am very happy becoz i feels holi or sacred my life.

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